• Coffee Axis

    Coffee Axis, Colombia .

    One of the best things to do in Salento is to visit a coffee farm. In the region there are more than 300. And a handful of them can be found walking the Path Palestina, a perfect walk to enjoy the landscape that surrounds the town. Gentle hills, cows, horses and coffee plantations

  • Salento

    Salento, Quindío, Colombia .

    Salento is a town and municipality in the north-east of the department of Quindío, Colombia. The municipality covers an area of 377.67 km2. It was the first settlement in Quindío of the modern era, and the first municipality founded in the department. The town of Salento itself is located 24 km northeast of the departmental capital Armenia. In 2005 the municipality of Salento had an estimated population of 7247, of which 3597 lived in the main urban zone.

    The main route from Popayán and Cali to Bogotá used to pass through Salento (see below), but when the route was diverted the town became isolated and did not develop as rapidly as the rest of the region. For this reason it has retained more of its traditional colonial architecture than almost any other town in the eje cafetero, along with a quiet and relaxed way of life, and as a result the town and nearby Cocora valley are among the most popular tourist destinations in Colombia.

  • Los Nevados National Natural Park

    Los Nevados National Natural Park, Murillo, Tolima, Colombia .

    Los Nevados National Natural Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados) is a national park located in the Cordillera Central of the Colombian Andes. The park sourrounds the northern volcanic complex formed by Nevado del Ruiz, Nevado del Tolima, Nevado de Santa Isabel, the paramillos of Cisne, Santa Rosa and Quindío and the Cerro Bravo and Cerro Machín.

    The park is located in the departments of Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda, Tolima and spans between the municipalities Manizales, Villamaría, Santa Rosa de Cabal, Pereira, Salento, Villahermosa, Anzoátegui, Santa Isabel, Murillo, Ibagué and Casabianca.

  • Quindío River

    Quindío River, Quindio, Colombia .

    Quindío River (Spanish: Río Quindío) is the principal river of the department of Quindío, Colombia. It combines with the Barragán River at the Valle de Maravelez to form La Vieja River, in turn a tributary of the Cauca River.

    Quindío River Is 69 kilometres (43 mi) long. It forms in the mountains east of Salento and flows in a south-westerly direction, passing by the township of Salento and forming the eastern limit of the city of Armenia. Its major tributaries are the Verde River and the Navarco River (these in turn have the tributaries Santo Domingo and Boquerón, respectively). The total watershed including these tributaries is 691 square kilometres (267 sq mi). The average flow at the mouth is 29 cubic metres per second (1,000 cu ft/s).

    The river is the source of drinking water for the majority of the inhabitants of the department. The continued increase in demand is placing significant pressure on this resource. Additionally, there are contamination problems due to inadequate waste water treatment facilities in the municipalities along the river.